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Weekend update and Week 6 Plan

by on Apr.21, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

The weekend went pretty well for us.  It was busy but we did well with our food and workouts.  We did swap Saturday’s workout for Sunday due to scheduling but we got Fat Burner done on Friday and Below the Belt done on Sunday morning.  Below the Belt is a tough one.  I was going to say that Fat Burner was getting easier, but the pushups today kicked my butt and I struggled with balance some this morning.

Saturday night we had some snacks at church (mini sandwiches) that were made for the volunteers that were helping out on Easter.  We stayed away from the sweets but couldn’t help but nibble a bit on the sandwiches.  We went home and made tofu for dinner and that had turned out pretty good too.  First time making it and we all ate it without complaint.  Evie made baked zucchini as well for a vegetable.  I thought it was great but the kids didn’t like the seasoning on it.

Sunday was Easter and surprisingly we didn’t go off the diet much.  We each had a peanut butter chocolate egg as a treat but that was really about it.  We had a smoked ham with a homemade pineapple glaze (no sugar, brown sugar, cola, etc,) had avocado deviled eggs, edamame dip, carrot sticks and mashed potatoes.  The potatoes did have milk and cream cheese in them, but otherwise were still good.  Of course, with mashed potatoes there is the mixing of carbs and proteins, but that is tough to avoid we’re finding.  For lunch after church we went to a local diner and I had a cobb salad with no dressing.  Funny that I had never been much of a salad person before but now I find myself ordering them at restaurants most of the time, skipping the dressing of course.  I find that the cobb salad has enough flavor that a dressing really isn’t needed, which is nice.

Like I said we did Fat Burner this morning.  I was not wanting to work out today as I had woken up in the middle of the night with pain in my right quad and hip, but decided to do it anyways in hopes that the workout would stretch it out.  It hurt a bit during the workout but hasn’t hurt since, so I think that worked.  I was on my feet all day yesterday cooking and my ankle was killing me so I think that had a lot to do with it.

My weight is another issue.  It had dropped to 234 over the weekend but was up to 237 this morning.  I didn’t feel like I overate yesterday as I only had one plate of food and it wasn’t piled high at dinner.  It might be water weight or something, I’m not sure but it’s discouraging when I’m trying to hit this goal before I see the doctor next week.  I also know that this weekend I’m going to have some food struggles since I’m going to a retreat on Friday and Saturday and am not in control of the food.  I’ll have to limit it and be active to burn it off.  I was hoping to ride my motorcycle this weekend but who knows what the weather has in store.

Today started Week 6 and now we have to modify our schedule due to both me being out this weekend and the increase in activity level in the intermediate schedule.  DDP says all the time to make it our own so we’re doing just that.

Monday – Fat Burner
Tuesday – Energy!
Wednesday – Fat Burner
Thursday – Red Hot Core (new one)
Friday – Below the Belt (if schedules allow)
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Energy!

It’s getting more challenging but we need this to kick our weight loss up a bit more.  We are noticing our pantry is becoming less full as we make some of the remaining items from our old life and move into healthier options.  We’re making more things from scratch and using real ingredients, which is a very cool thing.  Just have to keep on keeping on.

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