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Week 7 & Week 6 Recap

by on Apr.28, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Week 7 started this morning.  I did Fat Burner to start the day off and Evie was going to do hers later in the day as she chose to sleep in a bit since the kids had the day off of school.  I was kind of hoping for Energy! this morning, but Fat Burner was on the schedule and it was tough but felt good to do.  We’re going to do a 3 day cleanse courtesy of Dr. Oz starting tomorrow, so that will be interesting to see what effect that has on everything.  Here’s the link to what we’re doing:


Week 6 was a little rough.  I was out of town for part of the weekend and scheduling just didn’t cooperate with getting some of our exercises in.  That was also coupled with being in a place where my food options were largely limited to fried foods.  Evie ate better than I did for the week by far, but I got right back on track when returning home.  We had another miss on our workout this week and modified the schedule as well.  Evie thought that we would do the beginner schedule twice rather than mix in part of the intermediate as we had been doing.  I was hoping to do the workout on my own when I was out of town but I have a long list of excuses why I didn’t.  I didn’t prepare properly and bring the workout with me, I was up late and slept in and I opted to socialize with friends instead of taking a half hour to do a workout from memory.  Preparation and motivation and holding yourself accountable are huge.  I could’ve downloaded the mp3 or video to my iphone and listened or watched it while I worked out somewhere.  I could’ve gone to bed earlier and set an alarm to wake me early to start my day with a workout.  I just didn’t.  In a way it’s the same with the food.  I could’ve packed food in a cooler that was healthier than what was served as well.  I just didn’t and made the excuse that I had to eat what was served.  I somewhat justified it with the living at 90% mantra and that this weekend was my 10%.

Friday night I arrived at the camp and was greeted with a plate of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, fried green beans and a Texas sized brownie.  I’ll be honest.  I ate it all and it was delicious, especially the fried green beans.  Saturday morning we had scrambled eggs (likely powdered,) fresh fruit, bacon and pancakes with maple syrup.  Again, I had some of each and it was very tasty.  For lunch we had cheeseburgers on a pretzel bun with steak cut french fries.  I had one and a half cheeseburgers with that as well.

While all of that food was very tasty, it came at a price.  A few prices actually.  First was that after not eating anything fried for the better part of two months my stomach did not react kindly to that food, keeping me up Friday night gurgling and bubbling and giving me a bit of gas throughout the weekend.  Second was that, despite walking quite a bit and drinking a ton of water, my weight went up 4 pounds, nearly knocking out all progress for the month of May.  Thankfully it has returned back to what it was before the trip, but the results were felt and were felt quickly.  I’m guessing the food likely had a high sodium content and most of it was water weight.

Last night I baked some chicken breasts for my lunches this week, which I had today along with a salad I picked up for lunch.  I also made some kale ice cubes for smoothies.  That reminds me that Friday afternoon I had lunch at work and in their cafeteria they had turkey meatloaf with carrots and kale with sausage.  It was the first time I experienced kale and I actually liked it.  We’ll see if that trend continues.  I also had sushi on Thursday night with a friend from pool, so the whole week wasn’t bad food wise.  I also turned down numerous cookies and brownies (other than the one I mentioned) on Friday at a work meeting and throughout the weekend at the camp.

This week we’ll hit 60 days and I’m curious to see the pictures and measurements.  I am hoping this cleanse does the trick for dropping the last couple of pounds for this month and helps me continue to lower my weight.  Inches will be noticeable in Evie and I as we’re both able to see the difference and clothes are getting looser.  Here’s the workout schedule.

Monday – Fat Burner
Tuesday – Red Hot Core (first time)
Wednesday – Fat Burner
Thursday – Fat Burner
Friday – off
Saturday – Red Hot Core
Sunday – Fat Burner

I will say that after having a couple of days off of working out I really missed it.  It sounds weird coming from me, but it’s also good to know for my upcoming vacation that I need to continue to be mindful of what I eat and keep doing some exercise, preferably DDPYoga and walking, while I’m out of my normal element.  I know that I’ll imbibe in some drinking while I’m in Vegas, but I’ll have to also be mindful of the food that I eat since there is a lot of opportunity to overeat there.

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