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Week 5 redo

by on Apr.14, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Week 5 last week wasn’t a total bust, but definitely off the pace for what we had been running so far.  I’m trying to console myself with the fact that we are doing workouts nearly everyday vs doing them every other day like the guide has.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling horrible.  Sinus headache/migraine and just overall not feeling well.  I stayed home from work and opted to skip the workout for the day.  I hated doing it, but stayed in bed most of the day until the migraine meds kicked in.  Stayed good on food although I don’t recall what I ate.

Friday we made up for missing Thursday’s workout by doing Fat Burner, but I was horrible on food.  For lunch I caved and had leftover macaroni and cheese and for dinner, during a date with my daughter, she decided after barely eating any fries that she didn’t want them and I chowed down on them.  I felt guilty and physically kind of cruddy after but took a walk to digest it and was a little better.  Just a bad day overall for resisting the bad food.  The good news was when we were at In and Out (her choice) I did order my burger protein style (no bun, wrapped in lettuce) and it was pretty good.  A little messy, but still good.

Saturday and Sunday weren’t any better on the exercise front.  For some reason neither Evie nor I slept well during the week and we were just exhausted by the time the weekend came.  We attended a couple of events and did OK on eating, not great but OK, and opted for naps instead of working out.

Looking at the schedule I think it’s better that we redo week 5 instead of moving to week 6.  We’re not ready for Red Hot Core, having only done Below the Belt once.  This week is also Easter week, so I’m going to modify the schedule some with a plan to not workout on Sunday this coming week.  We started today with Energy! and even though that workout is getting to be routine I could tell we had taken some time off.  Despite the time off though, I still lost weight.  I’m down to 235.5 today, which is on track with my goal to be at 230 by May 1st.

I think the schedule will look like this:

Monday – Energy!
Tuesday – Fat Burner
Wednesday – Below the Belt
Thursday – Energy!
Friday – Fat Burner
Saturday – Below the Belt
Sunday – Off (Easter)

Oddly enough I’m finding the weekday workouts to be easier than the weekend.  I know that I have a timeline to meet with getting Elizabeth off to school and myself to work so I have to do it.  I can’t lay in bed or waste time.  On the weekends we may have things to do but we opt to sleep in rather than get right up and work out.  I think we’re going to have to adjust our habits to doing it right when we get up rather than trying to fit it in later in the day when things ultimately come up.

Next week should be interesting as well since I’ll be going out of town for a men’s retreat on Friday and Saturday.  I’m not sure if I’ll do the workout on my own or if I’ll just keep busy with other things and take time off.  The downside to the retreat is that the menu is full of manly comfort foods.  I’m not sure how I’ll find something healthy-ish to eat that weekend.

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