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Week 5 redo, Day 5

by on Apr.18, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Today is normally our rest day, being Friday, but we’ll be doing Fat Burner after lunch today.  I’ve said it before, but the workouts are getting easier for me and I’m able to make them a bit more challenging by making the stretches deeper, which does a little for the heart rate but does more for the flexibility.  Evie was kind of frustrated that I am able to hold poses deeper or straighter than she can, but it’s a process and I explained to her that I did gymnastics and martial arts when I was younger, so I have some flexibility already before we started and this is making that better.  She’s making strides, but she doesn’t believe in herself yet.  She’ll get there though.

Evie made a gluten free Fettuccine Alfredo dish last night with chicken that was really good.   I only had a small portion before heading off to pool for the night.  We had a party at Elizabeth’s school yesterday to celebrate those that volunteered with the school and they had a huge spread with a ton of sweet goodies.  Thankfully they also had fruit so Evie and I snacked on fruit and only treated ourselves to one brownie each.  It was interesting that the brownie tasted exceptionally sweet and I don’t know if I could’ve had more even if I had wanted to.

I’m still not losing weight and as a matter of fact have gone up a pound in the last couple of days.  This happens from time to time and usually happens before a big loss, so I’m hoping that keeping on with good eating and exercise will still lead to results.  I’m a little behind where I would like to be as far as my 60 day goal, but I’m still losing inches I think, as my clothes continue to fit better/differently, so I feel like progress is being made.  I also have to remember that it’s a long term thing and it will come if I keep with the plan.

It’s Good Friday today and we’ll have a big dinner on Easter Sunday with a ham (smoked and not honey,) mashed potatoes, deviled eggs and some veggies.  We’re also making a tofu dish tomorrow night, so that should be an interesting experience.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

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