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Week 5, Day 3, Below the Belt

by on Apr.16, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Today was the tough day in our modified schedule.  We did Below the Belt after lunch today.  I have to say that I prefer the early morning workouts to the afternoon ones (what’s happening to me? Did I just say that?)  Below the belt is a tough workout though.  I’m glad we didn’t try to progress to Red Hot Core yet.  Evie and I both struggled some with it, with Evie falling a couple of times with some of the tougher balancing poses.  I could really feel it towards the end and could barely keep up with it before the cool down.  My HRM said I burned 462 calories during it.

Made chicken enchiladas from the gluten free book that bought for dinner last night.  Corn tortillas and we used up the rest of the milk based shredded cheese and some ground chicken.  Good stuff.  Even better reheated this afternoon for lunch.

Tonight I’m going to try to make some buffalo burgers.  I like the buffalo meat and want to see how the kids like it.  Evie will be out with a friend tonight so I’m on my own for dinner.

Weight hasn’t changed for me, still at 235.5, but Evie dropped another pound.  People are noticing more and more that both of us are losing weight.  Inches matter.  The pants that I couldn’t fit into before not only can I fit into them but they are starting to get loose!  I’m not craving sweets or even chips anymore, but burgers and fries still call my name from time to time.  I don’t answer the call but I still crave them.  I know that is not the path that I want to go down though, as that is what got me here in the first place.  I found Sobe Lifewater to be a great way to get some flavor into a drink that doesn’t have sugar or artificial sweetener in it.  I’m starting to get the hang of cooking steel cut oats too.

I watched Food Inc, and Hungry for Change on Netflix on Sunday.  Really eye opening stuff when it comes to what is in our food and how it’s being controlled and manipulated by government and corporations.  Forks over Knives is also in my Netflix queue.  I hear that one will make you want to be a vegetarian by the end of it.  The GMO information really blew my mind though.  I knew they existed but didn’t realize just how far reaching they were into our food supply.

Evie is wanting to do a cleanse after Easter.  She’s wanting to do the three day Dr. Oz cleanse.  I’m not real excited about it, but we can try it and see how it goes.  It’s not incredibly long and it’s not supposed to make you crap your guts out, so we’ll see how it goes.

Tomorrow morning we’re doing Energy! again.

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