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Week 4, Day 3 – Fat Burner!

by on Apr.02, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Did the Fat Burner workout this morning and it’s crazy to say, but the pushups are getting easier.  Wish I could say the same for the broken table, but I’ll take what I can.  I think I might need a different yoga mat as this one doesn’t lay very flat and doesn’t have much cushion to it.  Specifically for me when I’m on my right knee and left hand it just kills my knee.  The left knee/right hand isn’t an issue, but that right one is killer.  Burned about 400 calories though and was all sweaty when I was done.  Loving it!

Last night we had Sicilian Penne Pesto, which uses pistachios instead of pine nuts for a different flavor.  We first discovered this in Italy when visiting my family.  My dad and stepmom are from Sicily, so even though they live in the northern part of Italy (Liguria,) they bring a lot of Sicilian flavor to their food.  You can’t buy it in the store, but you can make it at home.  We used gluten free penne noodles that we bought from Costco made with corn and quinoa.  Surprisingly, they were very tasty.

Today I’m having more of the orange chicken for lunch.  I had steel cut oats with protein powder for breakfast too.  That actually tasted pretty good.  Just have to make sure you mix the protein powder well.  Tonight is my night with the kids so it will be mac and cheese for them and I will probably get another buffalo steak.  Not sure if I’ll pan cook it or not, but it was pretty good last time.

I’m down another half pound today.  60 day goal is 230 for me.  That is the day before my physical with my doctor.  I should be down about 25 pounds from when she saw me last if all goes well.  The pictures we took last night are really impressive.  For me the change is noticeable in my belly and face but also in my flexibility.  For Evie the change is noticeable in her butt, legs and arms as well as her waist.  Her flexibility isn’t quite where she would like it to be, but it is better than it was.  Evie’s doing the trampoline workout tonight so I suspect her weight loss and definition will continue to improve.

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