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Week 4, Day 1, Weekend update

by on Mar.31, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Today starts Week 4 and Day 1 calls for Energy!  (Seems we do that one a lot doesn’t it?)  It’s a good thing too because Evie and I were dragging this morning.  Don’t know if we could’ve done more than that today.

Yesterday was an oops day.  It was the first day where we had a workout planned and between our schedule and procrastination we just didn’t get to it.  I can go through all the excuses I want but we just didn’t get it done.  It was a Fat Burner day too, which would’ve been a great workout.

Food wise yesterday we were pretty good.  Normal breakfast of Rice Chex and for lunch we decided to try a brazilian steakhouse that we hadn’t been to before.  It was called the Brazilian Cowboy in Plano.  I wouldn’t recommend it, as for the cost you can get much better food elsewhere.  I figured it would be a decent salad bar and then some proteins in the meats that come out but the salad bar was weak and the meats were just so so.  Dinner we had spinach and mushroom quesadillas again, which were very tasty.  Not gluten free, but didn’t combine the carbs and proteins either.

Saturday we did Fat Burner in the morning which oddly seemed to be a little easier than before.  Still worked up quite a sweat and got the heart rate going, but it was getting easier to follow along.  I had an omelette for breakfast of four eggs, pancetta, mushrooms and onion and was blown away by the calories in the pancetta.  It’s the same cut of meat as bacon, but it’s cured with spices rather than with smoke.  It’s also apparently more caloric than bacon though, as the calorie count for it was pretty high.  For dinner I made a pot roast with garlic, celery, onions, carrots and mushrooms.  No potatoes this time.  Very tasty though.

Saturday was kind of a tough day though in terms of food cravings.  I was desperately craving french fries and Coca Cola, which I haven’t for a while.  I didn’t give in to the temptation though, as I’m saving myself for my vacations that are coming up.  I was also nearing my 30 day goal and didn’t want to screw that up.  I was tempted to buy some Zevia soda, which is sweetened with Stevia instead of sugar, aspartame or Splenda, but I was afraid that might have the effect of making me want the real thing more, so I didn’t.

In addition to missing my workout yesterday, I also failed to make my lunches for the week.  Thankfully I had some leftovers from the pot roast that I could take into work today.  I’ve got some drumsticks thawed out at home that I will cook tonight.  Just need to figure out how I want to cook them.

Workout schedule for this week adds in a new exercise routine next Sunday.

Monday – Energy!
Tuesday – Energy!
Wednesday – Fat Burner
Thursday – Energy!
Friday – Off
Saturday – Fat Burner
Sunday – Below the Belt

Measurements are coming too as we’ve hit 30 days.  We hit our weight goals and I’m curious to see the pictures of our flexibility, our body changes and how many inches we’ve lost.  Should be a good time.  Next stop is 60 days!

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New Pants! Week 3, Day 3 Fat Burner!

by on Mar.26, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

I’m so excited I’m about to burst!  Back in January I bought two pairs of jeans online in the size that I had ordered for years.  When they arrived I wasn’t able to even pull them up past my thighs.  Today I decided to be brave and I grabbed them out of the drawer and not only could I pull them up, but they weren’t tight anywhere!  As a result I’m wearing them to the office today.   I stepped on the scale before and after our Fat Burner workout this morning and I’m down to 240.5, just a half pound away from my 30 day goal!  I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical when I started this, but it’s working!  I think the combination of clean(er) eating is helping us tremendously.  We’ve dieted before and even tried other workout things, but would plateau or quit because it was too difficult.  With this plan we’re still able to eat tasty food, give ourselves a treat or two every now and then, and the workouts are such that we can fit them into our busy schedule each day and stick to them.  It’s tough getting out of bed in the morning sometimes, but we’ve done it and it’s a habit now.  Energy! is drilled into our brains that we know what is coming next.  I can assume that Fat Burner will get that way too.

Speaking of Fat Burner, that was the workout we did this morning.  For the first time I did all of my pushups without having to go to my knees even once.  Evie also did her pushups without going to her knees too.  Strength being built!  Broken table and the broken table crunches are tough but I powered through those as well.  I had to modify the catcher into thunderbolt and lunging diamond cutters because of my right knee, but that will get stronger as time goes on and I’ll be able to go all the way down on both of those exercises.  Two things about Fat Burner that are really tough.  The transitions are pretty fast in some spots so it’s easy to get lost on a couple of things.  I don’t think we ever put the correct leg in the air for the 3 legged dog pose, but we will figure that out.  Second is that there aren’t many breaks for water like with Energy!  You have to make your own breaks from time to time.  I’m always a puddle of sweat and shaking body parts after we are done though.  It’s a great workout.  We’ll get the routine down though the more we do it.  We have it again tomorrow, which will be the first time that we’ve done Fat Burner back to back.  Evie is also going to a trampoline workout class tonight so she will likely be sore in the morning from that.

Dinner last night we tried a recipe from the DDP Yoga Program Guide, Rosemary Chicken.  We used boneless chicken but otherwise that was it.  We had a side of asparagus to go with it.  I thought it was pretty good but we probably could’ve cooked it for less time to retain more juices.  I may have used a bit too much paprika too, as the kids thought it was a little tangy for their taste.

This morning I reheated some of the steel cut oats that I made and added some of the protein powder to it as well.  Also having an apple.  Not sure about lunch yet.  Didn’t pre-make anything so I may see what the team is doing for lunch today.  Probably won’t get a walk in due to weather either.  I’m having grilled chicken for dinner tonight so I’m hoping to find some fish or beef for lunch at a reasonable cost.

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Week 3, Day 2

by on Mar.25, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Today is Week 3, Day 2 and that means another round of Energy!  Did it pretty well this morning although my balance was off during the standing split and I had to put my hands on the mat instead of holding my ankle, but otherwise it was a good workout.  Evie didn’t mess with the heart rate monitor today so that wasn’t an issue.  Her form was good and she’s able to do the 3 count pushups off her knees now.  I also saw her hands closer to her feet during cannonball, which shows she’s gaining flexibility.

Dinner was good last night.  We picked up dishes from my fit foods again and this time they were very tasty.  A little on the spicy side, but not bad.  I had Ninja Tenderloin and Evie had Herb Roasted Chicken.  Small dish but it was filling and quick, which is good.  I had a smoothie with apple, banana, grapes, almond milk, peanut butter and protein powder.  Lunch is crock pot chicken with broccoli and carrots and then tonight we’re having roasted rosemary chicken.

The big news of the day though, is that Evie hit her 30 day weight loss goal nearly a week before it was due!  I’m down another half pound, leaving me with another 2 pounds to go in the next week.  I’m proud of Evie for sticking with the eating changes and the workouts though.  We both have a bit more to go before we hit the overall targets, but we are making noticeable progress.


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Weekend update

by on Mar.24, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Friday was our off day so no yoga that day.  Weight loss continues for both Evie and I.  I’m also noticing that I’m not needing as many calories per day as before without feeling hungry.  That’s progress in and of itself.  Friday also marked 1 week without caffeine for me.  I did have some struggles as they had breakfast sandwiches catered in for my bible study group but resisted temptation and not only did I not eat any, but I didn’t bring any home either.  Having had them before I know they are very tasty, but if I want to lose this weight I have to make a change.  Evie went with a group of friends to a trampoline exercise class that she said kicked her butt pretty well.  That is going to be a regular thing on Wednesday nights for her.

Saturday we did another round of Energy! After doing Fat Burner Energy! seemed pretty simple.  It’s kind of hard getting going on the weekends since we don’t do the exercise right when we wake up, so we’ve got to get to a point where we are mentally prepared to do it and have things squared away the rest of the way around the house.  We did it though and then later than evening we went to dinner at Chipotle where we skipped the chips and got burrito bowls with no tortilla.  I did have sour cream, cheese and guac in mine, but also went with brown rice instead of white.  After dinner we did some more yoga type stretching with our friend Jenn.

Sunday we did Fat Burner before church and again I was a bucket of sweat when we were done.  The movements and transitions are fast through that and it really gets the heart rate up.  Exploding knees, Broken Table Crunches and a few sets of the 3 count pushups will kick your butt.  I had to modify on the pushups once, but otherwise made it through the workout pretty well.  Evie rocked it as well.  We had dinner with a group of friends at a mexican restaurant and had to fight the urge to get all the flour tortilla options.  Evie got cheese enchiladas with corn tortillas and I got a chicken cobb salad.  I kept the dressing on the side and dipped sparingly into it for a splash of flavor.  While I’m not sure what was in the chipotle ranch dressing, I’m guessing that High Fructose Corn Syrup was part of it, as it is with most commercial dressings.

We’re in the final week of our first month.  We’re close to our goals for the month.  Evie’s only a half a pound away from her goal.  I’m two and a half pounds away but progress is being made.  We also seem to be losing inches and others are noticing the weight loss, so that’s a good thing.  I’m really hoping I can hit my 60 day goal and be nearly 20 pounds lighter by the time I see my doctor for my physical in early May.

This week’s schedule ramps up the intensity a bit, adding one more Fat Burner this week.  Today and tomorrow are Energy!  Wednesday will be Fat Burner.  Thursday will be Energy!  Friday will be our rest day and Saturday and Sunday will be Fat Burner.  We’re also adding some relaxation yoga before bedtime as well.

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Finally made it to Fat Burner

by on Mar.20, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

After doing Energy! non stop we made it to Thursday and that means Fat Burner this week.  We had some struggles with Evie’s heart rate monitor again but I think we got it fixed and should be good to go next time.  We’ve done that workout twice now and the pace is much faster so there were some times we were a little behind on the moves, but we still did it.  I did have to modify on one set of pushups, as I had gotten out of line with my hands and shoulders and couldn’t hold myself up when I lowered.  This workout lives up to it’s name though.  I weighed myself before and after the workout and I was 1 pound less after the workout.  I don’t think I lost that much water, but I got on the scale a few times and it kept coming up the same way.  Evie had a drop as well today.  She’s only a pound and a half away from her April 1st goal and she’s got 11 days to get it!  I’m feeling the workout today though.  Shoulders, legs and abs are really feeling it.  Tomorrow is a rest day and then Saturday we are back to Energy.

I figured out dinner last night and it was delicious.  The kids were having mac and cheese, hot dogs and corn and I found a buffalo sirloin steak at Kroger when I was on my lunch break.  I read up a bit about cooking buffalo and made a medium rare steak in a pan with a little bit of olive oil and mushrooms.  Oh.  My.  God.  It was delicious.  Very tender and just melted in my mouth with each bite.  Definitely something I want to have more of.  It had the taste and texture of beef, but not the same look.  The red was much deeper and even when it was cooked it was still pretty red.  It may have been beginners lunch on my first go at cooking buffalo, but I’ll take it.  I must confess that despite eating the 8 oz sirloin, a bunch of carrots and some mushrooms I was still hungry.  I did eat two hot dogs, without buns, after dinner was over.  I didn’t eat any of the leftover macaroni and cheese though or dive into chips and hummus.

Tonight we’re having spinach and mushroom quesadillas.  The spinach and the mushrooms will be the healthy part.  We’re still getting the fresh tortillas from Rosa’s Cafe though, gluten and all.  That’s going to be another tough thing to break free of.  The tortillas from Rosa’s taste so good but they are violating the gluten and food combining rules.  We use them for our mexican dishes and we’ll have to find an alternative.   Looking into cauliflower tortillas as a substitute, among some things.  I forgot my lunch at home today so I’ll have to figure out something.  I grabbed sushi from Kroger yesterday then saw in the ingredients they use high fructose corn syrup in the sushi seasoning.  Guess I will have to look closer at some of the ingredients next time.

Evie went out for Thai last night and had a dish that had a peanut butter sauce.  She said later she thought it might’ve had sugar in the sauce due to how it tasted.  I’m glad that we aren’t diabetic or celiac, as so many dishes have sugar (or HFCS) and gluten in them.  Going gluten free is one thing.  Dairy free is something else.  Sugar free is a challenge.  Going Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free all at once?  That’s a real challenge.  There is a lot we can eat, don’t get me wrong, but we have to be diligent about reading labels and such.


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Another round of DDP Yoga Energy!

by on Mar.19, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Evie and I were moving slow this morning as neither of us slept well but we still got up and did our third round of Energy! for the week.  My heart rate wasn’t getting up to where it should be, but I still burned a bit.  I’m noticing increased flexibility for sure.  The twisting lunge, which I could barely do on my knee when I started a couple of weeks ago, is getting much easier, even off my knee.  I feel the stretch in my thighs and hips but it’s not a horrible, killing me kind of stretch.  The 3 second slow burn pushups and 9 second planks aren’t as difficult either.  They still kind of suck, but I’m able to do them.

We’re doing Fat Burner tomorrow, so let’s see if I feel the same then. 🙂

Last night we had turkey meatballs with brown rice that were cooked in a homemade sauce that Evie found in the book Irresistibly Gluten Free by Christina Davis.  She borrowed it from the library and was able to make a cream soup from scratch to cook and cover the meatballs with.  It was very close to what she had made before with cream of celery condensed soup and milk.  This was dairy free, substituting dry milk for almond meal and very tasty.  She also made up some unflour to use in future recipes.  Probably going to buy a copy of this book when we get a chance.

Early this morning I had a dream about Dunkin Donuts.  I dreamed that I was at the airport and went to the food court and they showed me how to make donuts and when I asked them if they had gluten and sugar free options they laughed in my face.  Probably not far from what would happen if I did that in real life.  I didn’t have Dunkin Donuts for breakfast though.  Instead I had a smoothie with vanilla protein powder, natural peanut butter, apple, grapes, pineapple and almond milk.  I think I prefer the chocolate protein powder, but it was still good.  I’m on day 5 without caffeine as well.  Hoping that leads to better sleeping at night.

Still doing my walk at lunchtime and today I’m going to stop into Kroger and get some sushi for lunch.  Not sure what I’m making for dinner tonight.  The kids are eating up leftover mac and cheese and hot dogs so I’ll make something else for myself.  I’ve got a bunch of healthy options around the house so I’ll figure something out.

Almost forgot.  Weighed myself today and I’m down another pound to 244.  That’s 7 pounds since I did my original measurements at the end of February.  This stuff is working for sure.

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Tuesday Morning Update

by on Mar.18, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Despite not really feeling it this morning and interruptions from the kids we still managed to do our Energy! workout this morning.  Getting my heartrate up was tougher this morning as I was having trouble keeping my muscles engaged, but there are some moves and positions where you can’t help but engage, which is good.

It’s day 4 without caffeine for me today although I was tempted to have a cup of coffee this morning as I didn’t sleep well again, this time woken up by a sick dog.  Rice Chex cereal for breakfast and two hard boiled eggs for a mid morning snack.  I’ll have more steamed chicken with corn and carrots for lunch as well.  Not sure what is on the menu for dinner tonight.

No more weight loss, but it will come in time.  I think Evie and I are losing inches though, which may be as valuable as the weight itself.  Even though we’ve only lost 7 or 8 pounds we can tell that clothes are fitting better already.  Still room for improvement but I’ll take any progress I can.

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Missed update, weight loss and schedule clarification

by on Mar.17, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

I totally missed updating this weekend.  Saturday there was some confusion as to which schedule we were doing (more on that later) and we wound up doing Energy! again instead of Fat Burner.  Energy! is still a good workout, just not as intense as some of the others.

Saturday night we went to dinner with friends and while I fully intended to have a chicken breast with avocado, I wound up getting a bison burger with goat cheese and bacon instead.  I was good and bad.  I didn’t eat the bun on the burger, but I did have a side of garlic french fries.  I know fried foods are on the don’t list, but the garlic fries are delicious.  We went to Bahama Bucks after dinner and Evie and I skipped the dessert offerings they have there.  Surprisingly enough, for me at least, it wasn’t the least bit awkward.

Sunday I had a smoothie for breakfast consisting of peanut butter, half an apple, some grapes, whey protein powder and almond milk.  It was good but I used too much peanut butter.  I had mashed potatoes and green beans for lunch, snacked on the tortilla chips and hummus for a snack and then we had wontons for dinner.  The wontons will be on the don’t list after we’ve finished this bag that we bought from Costco.  They contain gluten and are cooked in oil, essentially making them a fried food.  Still was way under on calories.

Saturday was the 15th and the halfway point for the month.  Evie was down 7 pounds and only 3 pounds away from her goal weight for April 1st.  I’m down 6 pounds and 5 pounds away from my goal weight.  Both of us are on track to hitting or beating our goals by April 1st.  We also have goals for our vacations in May and June too.  It’s progress though!  We’ve also noticed that clothes are starting to fit a little bit looser.

Today marks day 3 of no caffeine for me.  I had weaned myself down to 1 cup a day, but now have eliminated it completely.  Saturday night I started to get a headache but I took some Aleve and that went away.  I woke up this morning with a slight headache and thought I might need a cup of coffee but it went away and I’m doing well.  I’m tired from not sleeping well last night, but otherwise doing ok.

Last night I worked out the schedule with Evie, since there was some confusion on Saturday morning.  The schedule that is offered comes in three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Beginner and intermediate start at 3 times a week, adding an optional day later on in the training.  We’re fired up about it and while we’re not at the level where we can do the advanced exercises yet, we still want to do the workout 6 of 7 days in a week.  With that we’re going to do both the beginner and the intermediate workouts in a week.  Week 7 adds another day onto the intermediate workout so we’ll modify some there, but up until then we’ll start the week with the beginner workout, then move to the intermediate.  We’re on week 2 since we got the DVDs so we’re doing Energy! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then doing Fat Burner on Thursday, off on Friday, Energy! on Saturday and then Fat Burner again on Sunday.

I’m glad that we’re able to stick with this.  I love the fact that it offers you the ability to modify the workouts how you want and you can tailor your food to what your budget and taste buds allow.  Going dairy, sugar and gluten free isn’t easy, but we’re working towards it.

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Rest day

by on Mar.14, 2014, under Damon, Evie

Friday is our rest day during the week, as we don’t share our morning time together.  I lost another half pound today, bringing me down to 246.  As we are nearing the halfway mark of the month I’m pretty close to my target goal pace.  Here’s hoping I drop another pound tomorrow morning after Fat Burner.

This morning I met with friends from church at IHOP and had a spinach and mushroom simple and fit omelette with a side of fruit.  I asked for the fruit to be without melon, but the waitress told me that they couldn’t really do that.  When my plate arrived the fruit was almost entirely melon and what wasn’t melon was covered up by it and had the remnants all over it.  Complete waste.  For lunch I just had some mashed potatoes and later I had a snack of some pop chips.  Tonight we have dinner with friends at a restaurant that I haven’t been to before so it will be another adventure of finding the healthy while eating out with friends.

Speaking of snacks, Evie found snap peas that we can eat that taste like cheetos.  I was skeptical at first, but they were quite yummy.  I may have mentioned that I also found ice cream made with either coconut or almond milk that were very good.  They were dairy and gluten free and mostly organic ingredients.  I’m not much of a sweet tooth but every now and then it’s nice to have something.  Evie found a recipe for a chocolate snack that was billed as chocolate chip cookie dough as well.  It doesn’t taste like cookie dough at all, but it’s still yummy and nice for her to have as a snack. 

The move to gluten and dairy free isn’t easy and thankfully, since we both don’t have a full on intolerance or allergy to either, we can be moderately flexible about things.  I feel for those who have to be 100% dairy and/or gluten free, as it can be quite difficult being in public and not being able to have one or both of those, since they are in so many things.  One of DDP’s motto’s is to Live Life at 90%, which sounds odd at first, since you expect it to be 100%, but the reality is that nobody can go 100% all of the time.  10% allows for some wiggle room.  He also says you get out of this what you put in.  The stricter you follow the exercise and meal plans the faster you will see results.  You can still see results by not exercising as much or eating as well, but you won’t see the results as fast.  What I want to have happen is getting to a place where these food changes don’t seem so difficult and are more of just a habit.

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Another day of DDP Yoga Energy!

by on Mar.13, 2014, under Damon, Evie

Evie and I did another round of DDP Yoga Energy! today.  It went well and it seemed that Evie’s heart rate monitor worked out for her.  Tomorrow is likely an off day, as schedules don’t mesh well for us to workout, but it doesn’t count it out completely.  I think we’ll do Fat Burner on Saturday though, which will be good.  Weather permitting I should be able to either ride my bike or walk Elizabeth to and from school too.  According to the tracking info my heart rate monitor should be showing up today so I’ll have that to go off of when I workout next.

Food yesterday was pretty good.  A vendor took me and some of the guys from work out to Bone Daddy’s, which is a barbecue place.  I had some brisket, ham, cole slaw and corn.  I didn’t eat the biscuit and while I did have two veggies instead of mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, fried okra or potato salad, they were of the creamy variety so I suspect the calorie count on them was actually higher than what my Lose it! apps said they were.  For dinner I splurged a bit and cooked up a burger for myself.  This was instead of the Kraft macaroni and cheese and hot dogs that I made for Catherine.  Normally I would’ve given her some mac and cheese and a hot dog then made two hot dogs, with buns, plus the rest of the box of mac and cheese for myself.  I had the Go Veggie cheese alternative on the burger, which is is good and tasty, but doesn’t melt, interestingly enough.  It’s non dairy though, which is good for my stomach.

Today I brought my steamed chicken, carrots and broccoli for lunch and we’re having homemade fettuccine alfredo with gluten free noodles for dinner.  I’ll also have time for my lunchtime walk, which I missed yesterday, but made up with a walk around the track near the girl’s gymnastic’s class.  I rode my motorcycle to work today, despite the cold temps, and will have pool tonight, which will burn some calories as well.  Eating early should help burn off some of the pasta calories as well.  No weight loss for me this morning, but I did try on some pants that I bought earlier in the year that didn’t fit when I bought them and they weren’t nearly as tight as before.  I still have a little ways to go before I can wear them comfortably, but there was noticeable progress.  Evie lost half a pound today though.

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