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Long update

by on Jan.25, 2010, under General

Life has been very hectic over the past few months and I’ve completely neglected my blog.  I’m going to try to go over all that has happened since October that I didn’t blog about.

October 31st was Halloween and my birthday.  I had told Evie that I didn’t want her to spend any money on my gift but that it should be something very special to me.  She somewhat circumvented that by buying me a couple of gifts from the kids but she had made me a very special gift.  She made a keepsake box that was decorated with pictures from our trip to Italy and the gifts that we had gotten from my brother and sister’s christenings.  It was very sweet.  The girls went trick or treating dressed up as a lady bug (Elizabeth) and a bumblebee (Catherine.)

November 11th was Catherine’s first birthday.  We had a party for her at the house with some friends and family and also took the time to celebrate my Mom’s 60th birthday which was on November 15th.  We got Catherine a small cake that she could smash and get into and she did just that, making quite a mess and having a lot of fun.  We took both of them plus Evie’s mom and stepdad out to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas to celebrate.  Pictures of it all are up in the gallery.  Also while Evie’s family was in town to visit we had an early Thanksgiving dinner.  I fried half of a turkey breast in the deep fryer and then we roasted the other half in the oven.  We also had the rest of the trimmings, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberries, green bean casserole, etc.  It was pretty nice to spend that time with them since we don’t normally get to spend Thanksgiving with them.

On Thanksgiving we had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner over at my Mom’s house.  It was another good and filling meal and enjoyable time spent with family.

December came and we did lots of preparations for the Christmas holiday.  We decorated the house and put up the tree and made a trip to Michigan to spend with Evie’s family.  This was the first time we had been in 4 years and the first time Catherine had gotten to celebrate Christmas in Michigan.  We drove up on the 19th with the whole family and Layla, our Golden Retriever.  It was a 22 hour drive but we made it without any problems.  We avoided most of the weather on the trip there and back but did see a bit of snow while we were visiting.  Elizabeth loved playing in the snow and got lots of time with all of her grandparents that were up there, as well as her cousins, aunts and uncles.  We had a very busy week while we were there.  We did Christmas with Evie’s sister Ronni on Tuesday.  On Wednesday I got my Christmas present from Evie, a tattoo of Catherine.  We had Christmas church service on Wednesday night.  Thursday was Christmas Eve and we spent that with Evie’s dad and stepmom.  That evening we visited with family friends Mike and Sandy and I got my first experience working on a lathe with Mike.  I decided when we got back that I was going to get one.  Friday was Christmas Day and we spent that with Evie’s mom and stepdad.  The girls both made out with a lot of presents from Santa.  Saturday we headed home with Evie’s brother Treg and left the girls behind for another week.

When we got back I was able to go get my new car, a 2010 Transformers Edition Chevy Camaro.  It was the first time I’ve had a sports car and it’s a very nice car.  I had to sell my Harley to get it but it is nice because I can take the girls in it if I need to.  For New Year’s we visited with our friends Gary and Rebecca and also celebrated our friend Frenchie’s 50th birthday.  The following weekend we drove back up north to Tennessee to drop off Treg and pick up the girls to come back home.  While we were there we visited with Evie’s former stepmom and step-sister and their families.  It was really cold while we were there though and we were anxious to get back home.

After we got back home we got Elizabeth back into her hockey practice.  She had a break for the holidays and is doing very well with it.  She’s not quite at the level that her coach wants her at, but she’s getting better each week.

On January 17th Catherine started to walk without any prompting from anyone or grabbing onto people or objects.  Since then she has been walking all over the place and does it more than crawling now.  A video of her from that day is here:

January 23rd was Evie’s birthday.  She turned 28.  We had a bit of a birthday weekend celebration for her.  Saturday morning I brought her breakfast, donuts, as she requested.  I also brought her flowers, cards from the kids and I and her present, a new Nikon D3000 camera.  She also got taken out shopping, to get her nails done, to a comedy club and then out dancing with her friends.  Sunday we slept in (the girls were at the baby sitter’s) and then later that evening we went to dinner with our friends Jenn and Rex.  I also got her a trip to Las Vegas.  We’ll be taking that trip at the end of March.

That pretty much sums it up for the last couple of months.  I’ll try to update more often and I’m going to try to get Evie to update some as well.  I’ve also posted new pictures in the gallery today from the same time period.

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