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Las Vegas 2009

by on Aug.30, 2009, under Damon

I went to Las Vegas last week to play pool during the APA National Team Championship.  While my team didn’t qualify for the tournament, they also hold smaller tournaments that don’t require a qualification or pre-registration called Mini-Mania.  While I was there I found out they had a number of vendors there that were selling various pool goods, doing exhibitions and cue maintenance.  I showed up on Wednesday and found out that I couldn’t register for any of the tournaments that day because they had sold out already.  While walking around through the exhibitors I found a booth for Tiger products.  They make cues, tips and leather wraps for cues.  I’ve wanted to get the wrap replaced on my cue for a while, so I took the opportunity to replace the wrap on my cue with leather.  I also had the shafts for my cues cleaned up by Leonard Bludworth, who is a master cuesmith and owner of Bludworth cues.  Also while wandering the floor I found the booth for Allison Fisher, a world champion player who is one of my idols.  She was holding challenge matches for charity.  I made a donation and signed up for a match against her later that afternoon.  When my turn came up I made the most of it.  We had two games of 9-ball and while she killed me on the first game, I was able to beat her in the second game.  She gave me some tips and complimented me on my breaking ability as well.  It was a big high moment for me.  I got a signed picture of her and she signed my cue as well.

Thursday I played in the Mini-Mania tournaments and didn’t fare as well.  A missed shot in a 9-ball game gave my opponent the opportunity to run out for the victory.  Poor overall play in the clutch in my 8-ball game lead to a 5-0 loss in that game.  I tried my hand at cards and lost $20 playing blackjack so I determined luck was not in my favor that day.  I watched more pool and Thursday night went to PoolAPAlooza, an event the APA was holding by the pool at the hotel.  I watched Tom Rossman do trick shots and got to meet him and get a picture of him as well.

Friday I did some shopping for friends and family and then headed to the airport to come home.  It was a fun trip for sure.

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Catherine has teeth!

by on Aug.28, 2009, under Catherine

After many months of drooling Catherine finally has teeth!  She cut one of her top teeth today.  It’s unusual for the top teeth to be the first, but all kids develop differently.  Her second tooth, also on the top, is threatening to break through any day now as well.

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Welcome to YouTube

by on Aug.13, 2009, under General

I have a YouTube channel now.  I’ve posted videos from our trip to Italy on it so far.  I’ll post more stuff as I can get it uploaded.  The video files are rather large so I can only do a couple at a time.  Most of the Italy videos won’t mean much to anyone that wasn’t there, but they are pretty important to us.  I’ll also be posting some various cuteness from the girls from time to time.

http://www.youtube.com/dhammis is the channel.  Enjoy!

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Catherine’s 9 month checkup

by on Aug.11, 2009, under Catherine

Catherine had her 9 month checkup today. She weighed in at 18 lbs, 10 ounces. She’s also 28 1/2 inches long. No shots needed this time. She is in the 80th percentile for height and 50th percentile in weight. We think we are seeing a couple of top teeth buds too. Dr. Beamer said she didn’t think they would pop this week but they should be soon.

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New pictures and an update

by on Aug.05, 2009, under General

I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  Catherine is “cruising” now.  That means standing up on her own and walking while holding onto something.  Elizabeth has started back into hockey lessons after a busy summer of traveling.  My ankle is almost completely healed now.  I’ve got full motion back and most of the strength too.  I’ve managed to avoid physical therapy altogether as well.  I’ve posted new pictures in the gallery from July, including some attempts to capture the 4th of July fireworks.  Click on the link for the gallery to see them.

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