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More pictures from Italy

by on Jun.28, 2009, under General

Our camcorder has a function to take photos on a memory stick while you are shooting video at the same time to the hard drive.  We snapped off a few pics this way when we were in Italy.  I’ve added them to our gallery here http://www.hammis.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=22775

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Happy Anniversary!

by on Jun.27, 2009, under Damon, Evie

Today celebrates four years of Evie and I being married.  We were married on a very hot Monday afternoon in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel and Casino.  It was 106 F that day and Evie was very pregnant with Elizabeth at the time but it was a wonderful day.

Today we spent the day together relaxing around the house and then went out to dinner at Maggiano’s, an Italian restaurant.  We had a great time and a wonderful anniversary.

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Ankle update, pool update, travel update

by on Jun.24, 2009, under General

Lots to update today.  My ankle is getting a lot better to the point where I can walk without crutches or using the wheelchair at the office.  I can walk around the house without my walking boot but long distances I’m still using the boot until Monday.  Monday I should be switching out of the boot and moving to an ankle brace and possibly a regular shoe.  I may have to move to a post-op shoe if the swelling is still too much for a regular shoe, but it will be better than the boot.

In pool this session, despite being on one leg for the past few weeks, I’ve managed a record of 4-0 in 8-ball.  My last three victories have been with scores of 4-1, 5-1 and last night 5-0.  Not too shabby for a one-legged guy!

Evie and the girls return from Michigan today.  They drove up there two weeks ago with Evie’s stepdad Craig and are on their way back today.  They left Michigan yesterday and made it to St. Louis last night.  I miss the girls terribly so I’m glad they are coming back home.  This will likely be the last of the trips for a while, but we’ve certainly had our fill this year.

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Ankle Update

by on Jun.16, 2009, under General

I’m able to walk short distances now without crutches, which is a very big bonus.  I am able to get around the house mostly without a crutch now.  I still need a crutch to walk long distances, but i’m down to one crutch for that.  I’m driving now, although it’s with my left foot.  It’s a little uncomfortable and I’m only doing it for essential driving, but it is enabling me to get around much better than before.  The pain is subsiding some so I’m only taking pain medication as needed, rather than on a regular schedule.  I’m looking forward to being able to walk fully again without any assistance at all.

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Ankle update and baby babbling

by on Jun.08, 2009, under General

Had another follow-up with the doctor today about my ankle and it is healing as expected.  The cast/splint is gone now and I’ve progressed to a walking boot.  I still need crutches or a cane to get around with at first, but it is expected that I will soon be able to bear more weight as time goes on.  Still have to take it easy for now.  No marathon running or soccer games for me.

Catherine has turned into quite the babbler lately.  She’s been rattling off “mamamamama”, “dadadadadada”, “babababababa” and “goya, goya, goya, goya” a lot lately.  She babbles more when food is involved and does the goya goya thing when she has her pacifier in her mouth.  She’s sitting up on her own without any problems and has done some short crawling to try to get Evie’s cookies.

Elizabeth has been a busy girl with lots of traveling this year.  She’s gone to Michigan for a visit as well as Italy and will be returning to Michigan tomorrow with Evie.  She’s finally starting to get the hang of potty training and has gone over a week without an accident.  We bribed her a bit and told her if she went 7 days without an accident she would get a new DVD player.  Her old one (actually my old one) had died and we wanted to get her a new one for road trips.  We’re trying to think of other motivations to keep her on track, so if you have any ideas let us know.

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New pictures from May

by on Jun.06, 2009, under General

I posted the new pictures from May in the gallery.  They can be found at http://www.hammis.com/gallery

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End of April/May pictures

by on Jun.05, 2009, under General

I haven’t uploaded any new pictures yet due to the fact that I have misplaced the cable that connects my camera to my laptop.  It’s a non-standard cable so I’m going to have to find it or order another off of eBay.  I’ll download the pictures from the memory card itself instead and will do the upload that way.  It will probably be this weekend when I do the update.  Stay tuned.

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Happier Feet

by on Jun.01, 2009, under Damon

I went for my follow-up checkup with Dr. Crates today and my foot and ankle is healing as expected.  I talked with the Physician’s Assistant about how the recovery was going and got a better understanding of what they did during the surgery.  He told me that they did two operations.  The first was a scope to clean out scar tissue, drain fluid and further examine the tendon, bones, etc.  The next surgery they opened up my foot and repaired the tendon, which required an allograft tendon from a cadaver.  They essentially rebuilt the tendon with parts of another tendon from another person.  This should make it stronger than before it was injured.

They took my split and bandages off and re-wrapped my ankle with a new splint.  The new splint can be removed for showering, although I shouldn’t submurge my wounds in water or bear any weight on it still.  Next week I’ll have another follow-up where they will remove the split and I’ll transition to a walking boot, which will allow me to bear weight on the foot and hopefully drive.

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