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Unhappy feet

by on May.23, 2009, under Damon

Yesterday morning I had surgery on my right ankle to repair the tendons that I had torn last Memorial day weekend.  I had postponed having the surgery done in the hopes that it would repair itself, but it didn’t.  Also, due to various life events (having a new baby, changing jobs, changing doctors, etc) it made it difficult to get it done before now.

I can’t bear any weight on that foot right now, so it means no walking without crutches and no driving.  I need to keep it elevated and rest it as much as I can.  I’m glad that I got it done because it will feel better eventually.  Right now it’s just uncomfortable and it sucks that I can’t get up and do much around the house.  Thankfully it’s a long weekend so I have a few days to rest at the house before I need to be back to work.

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Mini golf!

by on May.15, 2009, under Elizabeth

We went mini golfing with our friends Jenn and Rex and Lizard played with us and on her first try she got a hole in one!


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by on May.13, 2009, under Damon

Unfortunately the playoffs didn’t finish well for us.  We got smoked 3-0 last night.  Overall second place isn’t bad considering all that we went through during the session with our former captain getting booted from the league and being short players.  We played a tough team and gave it our all but the rolls didn’t go our way this time.  We start the new session next week and we’ll retool with some new players and a different captain and try again.

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Catherine’s 6 month checkup

by on May.12, 2009, under Catherine

As we hoped Catherine is a very healthy young girl.  She weighs 15 lbs, 11 oz and the doctor expected she would be at 19 lbs by her 9 month visit.  She’s also 26 inches long, which is the size to move to a larger car seat, which we did after returning from Italy.  She’s in the 75th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight so she’s at a good weight and is a very tall/long baby.  She gets to start eating baby food in addition to formula now too.  We already had her on the rice cereal and now we get to supplement her with vegetables  and fruit.  She got a couple of shots today and hardly cried at all.  She did kick the nurse though afterwards.

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Happy 6 month birthday Catherine!

by on May.11, 2009, under Catherine

Catherine is 6 months old today. She’ll have her 6 month dr’s checkup tomorrow. She’s also old enough to start on solid foods now. Tonight she ate her first bowl of rice cereal as well as a bottle.

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Playoff update

by on May.06, 2009, under Damon

My team won the first round of the playoffs on Tuesday night, 3-2.  We played the first place team and while it wasn’t easy, we did manage to win.  I was one of the three wins, beating my opponent 4-3.  We move on to the next and final round for this session on Tuesday evening.  I’ll post the results here next week.

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by on May.05, 2009, under Damon

My 8-ball billards team is in the playoffs for the spring session.  We play the first round tonight against the first place team.  Wish us luck!

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