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Roasting a Pig with La Caja China

by on Jul.17, 2016, under General

A few years ago I attended my first pig roast done with a La Caja China roaster.  I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time, but I found out later.  They just said it was street tacos for a Super Bowl party.

That summer I decided I wanted to have a party at my house.  I was figuring about 30-40 people.  If I had a party though, how would I feed everyone?  I had a grill, but burgers and hot dogs and chicken are kind of staples of the summer party and kind of boring.  I could cater, but that gets expensive quick and a lot of those mass produced foods were staples at office gatherings and such.  Pizza, like burgers and dogs, was also out.  I hate asking people to bring a dish to pass as well.  It just seemed rude.  I thought back to the pig roast at the Super Bowl party and thought, I could probably do that.

So I called my friend who worked at the place where the party was and asked him about it.  He got me in touch with his chef, who told me about the process, offered to loan me his box, order a pig and prep it for me.  All I’d need to do is put the charcoal on.

Originally we were going to celebrate my brother in law’s birthday since it was near the time of our first party.  Then we had people that we invited say “hey, my birthday is just before the party!” or “my birthday is right after the party!”  I realized that since we don’t always have the time to get together for everyone’s birthday party, we could celebrate everyone’s birthday at the party.  Thus, the Birthday Party Pig Roast was born.

The first year the pig was prepped in a brine in a cooler with broth and vegetables and kept there until I started cooking.  I learned that year about letting the pig come up to temp.  I also misread the directions about the initial amount of charcoal to put on.  I put on 8 pounds when it should’ve been 18.  Trying to keep the temps moderate while also cooking and to an extent, thawing the pig at the same time met with unexpected results.  It took much longer than expected and I wound up scorching the skin after I flipped the pig.  Lesson learned there was to let the pig finish cooking and get to the 185 temp before flipping and only flip to finish off the skin and fat on that side.  It was still tasty though and everyone enjoyed it.

The second year I did things on my own.  I lost touch with the chef who had lent me his La Caja China the year before, so I bought my own.  I ordered it from Home Depot and it came with free shipping, but it was still on the expensive side.  I found a butcher who could order the pig for me locally and placed my order with them.  I told them how I was cooking it and how I would like it prepped and they had no problems with it.  The night before the roast I made the mojo marinade that is on the La Caja China website.  http://www.lacajachina.com/Mojo-Criollo_a/168.htm  I used the injector that I used on turkeys to inject the hams with some of the marinade.  Since I couldn’t find sour orange juice I was able to get a blended mix of orange and pineapple juice that worked well.  I’m not sure if it’s in the same ratio as in the recipe, but it worked.  This was the juice I got.  http://www.simplyorangejuice.com/product/orange-pineapple-juice  I just used 12 ounces of juice for each version of the recipe and then multiplied it by 3 instead of 4.  I also mixed some with the pig juices for a dipping sauce, but that wasn’t very popular with the guests.  The day of cooking I butterflied the pig, which takes a bit of effort.  You need to finish cutting the pig from neck to tail to open the cavity more, then cut down along each side of the spine to loosen the ribs.  Then you have to really lean into it and crack the ribs open so the pig will lay flat.  After I did that I used McCormick’s Grill Mates Pork Rub and rubbed the entire pig with it.  http://www.mccormick.com/grill-mates/flavors/dry-rubs/grill-mates-pork-rub  All of the prep work outside in 100 degree Texas heat helped to defrost the pig before I cooked it.  It came out really well that year, but I felt I could improve on it.  It wasn’t burnt, which was great, but still could use something.

This year was the best year ever for taste, and I attribute it to the prep and cooking style I did this year.  I went with the same butcher as the previous year and that worked out well.  56.3 pounds of pig was ready to go the day before the party.  The night before the party I made the mojo marinade and injected it into the hams and shoulders like the year before, but this time I chopped up the garlic instead of just smashing it.  I also substituted basil for the bay leaves.  I did the butterflying the night before and started with the rub.  I generously applied it all over, inside and out.  I wound up using about half the jar.  She went from pink to reddish brown when it was done.  Then, I took the solids that were strained out of the marinade and rubbed them all inside the rib cavity.  I took two large white onions and cut them in half and put them inside the ribs.  I didn’t peel them or anything.  I broke up a couple of bulbs of garlic and again, didn’t peel the skins or papers off of them.  Just tossed them inside.  I took two jalapeno peppers and sliced them in half lengthwise, kept the seeds in and placed them cut side down into the cavity.  Then I wrapped the pig up in plastic and put it back in the cooler with ice bags on top.  The next day I came over to where we were hosting the party and took the ice out of the cooler.  I left the cooler open inside the house for about a half hour before moving it outside to do the final prep and put it in the rack.  You could smell the prep work had made its way into the meat already.  I started the charcoal and in about 10 minutes (Texas sun helps the charcoal get hot quick) the coals were ready and I put the pig inside the La Caja China roaster, cavity up, with the vegetables still inside.  My hope was that the vegetables would smoke and add flavor to the meat.  They weren’t intended to be eaten.  Sure enough, the plan worked and the tops of the vegetables turned black and smoked inside the box and the juices from them seeped into the meat.  We had a bit of a delay in cooking due to rain, but we kept the fire going despite the two hour wind and rain downpour and slowly roasted the pig to perfection.  The pig came out deliciously juicy and full of flavor.  Those that had attended all three years of the pig roast party said it was the best one so far.

Feel free to ask any questions or offer any tips for my next roast.  It’s a lot of fun and I’m trying to figure out more opportunities to do it.

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Week 7 Progress and Perspective

by on Apr.30, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Week 7 is going along well.  Evie and I have done Fat Burner, Red Hot Core and Fat Burner again so far this week.  Red Hot Core was a short workout but intense.  It’s designed to be an add-on workout to some of the other routines.  Some of the exercises there reminded me of things I did working out in the Navy, but they are modified a bit in the DDP Yoga routine.

For food this week we’re doing a cleanse for a couple of days of it and yesterday was day 1 of that.  The breakfast smoothie was ok, but I didn’t blend it well and the banana I had was too ripe so it took me a bit to get that down.  The lunch smoothie was just rank.  I couldn’t drink it at all without gagging.  I literally felt like I was going to throw up from it.  Pass on that.  I had some leftover ham when I got home because I was starving after not eating lunch.  That’s a fail on me for the cleanse.  Evie had no problem with the lunch drink though.  I was nervous about the dinner drink, but it was actually pretty good.  I’m going to continue on with the cleanse but will double up the dinner drink in place of the lunch drink.  Not sure if it will have the same effect or not, but I can’t do that lunch drink.

I forgot to add this into the post earlier in the week but I had some eye opening perspective on Sunday.  We went to a birthday party for one of our daughter’s friends and they had pizza and cake, as is normal.  I had one slice of pepperoni and no cake, but added the pizza to my Lose It! app for tracking purposes.  I realized then that one slice is 280 calories.  Now, it was not uncommon for me to eat 4, 5, 6 slices or even a whole pizza in one sitting.  Add on that I would probably want a Coke or 3 and the calorie and sugar counts are unreal!  Don’t forget that wouldn’t be the only meal of my day and the rest of my day was typically spent working (sitting in a chair in front of a computer) or laying around watching TV.  It’s no wonder my weight has crept up over the past 15 years or so.  What’s amazing is that it hadn’t grown more before now.  Eating real food and watching my quantities, especially when the options for real food don’t exist, make a huge difference in my overall health.

Track what you eat and just get an idea of how much you may be consuming on a daily basis, especially if you eat out often.  You’ll likely be surprised!

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Week 7 & Week 6 Recap

by on Apr.28, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Week 7 started this morning.  I did Fat Burner to start the day off and Evie was going to do hers later in the day as she chose to sleep in a bit since the kids had the day off of school.  I was kind of hoping for Energy! this morning, but Fat Burner was on the schedule and it was tough but felt good to do.  We’re going to do a 3 day cleanse courtesy of Dr. Oz starting tomorrow, so that will be interesting to see what effect that has on everything.  Here’s the link to what we’re doing:


Week 6 was a little rough.  I was out of town for part of the weekend and scheduling just didn’t cooperate with getting some of our exercises in.  That was also coupled with being in a place where my food options were largely limited to fried foods.  Evie ate better than I did for the week by far, but I got right back on track when returning home.  We had another miss on our workout this week and modified the schedule as well.  Evie thought that we would do the beginner schedule twice rather than mix in part of the intermediate as we had been doing.  I was hoping to do the workout on my own when I was out of town but I have a long list of excuses why I didn’t.  I didn’t prepare properly and bring the workout with me, I was up late and slept in and I opted to socialize with friends instead of taking a half hour to do a workout from memory.  Preparation and motivation and holding yourself accountable are huge.  I could’ve downloaded the mp3 or video to my iphone and listened or watched it while I worked out somewhere.  I could’ve gone to bed earlier and set an alarm to wake me early to start my day with a workout.  I just didn’t.  In a way it’s the same with the food.  I could’ve packed food in a cooler that was healthier than what was served as well.  I just didn’t and made the excuse that I had to eat what was served.  I somewhat justified it with the living at 90% mantra and that this weekend was my 10%.

Friday night I arrived at the camp and was greeted with a plate of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, fried green beans and a Texas sized brownie.  I’ll be honest.  I ate it all and it was delicious, especially the fried green beans.  Saturday morning we had scrambled eggs (likely powdered,) fresh fruit, bacon and pancakes with maple syrup.  Again, I had some of each and it was very tasty.  For lunch we had cheeseburgers on a pretzel bun with steak cut french fries.  I had one and a half cheeseburgers with that as well.

While all of that food was very tasty, it came at a price.  A few prices actually.  First was that after not eating anything fried for the better part of two months my stomach did not react kindly to that food, keeping me up Friday night gurgling and bubbling and giving me a bit of gas throughout the weekend.  Second was that, despite walking quite a bit and drinking a ton of water, my weight went up 4 pounds, nearly knocking out all progress for the month of May.  Thankfully it has returned back to what it was before the trip, but the results were felt and were felt quickly.  I’m guessing the food likely had a high sodium content and most of it was water weight.

Last night I baked some chicken breasts for my lunches this week, which I had today along with a salad I picked up for lunch.  I also made some kale ice cubes for smoothies.  That reminds me that Friday afternoon I had lunch at work and in their cafeteria they had turkey meatloaf with carrots and kale with sausage.  It was the first time I experienced kale and I actually liked it.  We’ll see if that trend continues.  I also had sushi on Thursday night with a friend from pool, so the whole week wasn’t bad food wise.  I also turned down numerous cookies and brownies (other than the one I mentioned) on Friday at a work meeting and throughout the weekend at the camp.

This week we’ll hit 60 days and I’m curious to see the pictures and measurements.  I am hoping this cleanse does the trick for dropping the last couple of pounds for this month and helps me continue to lower my weight.  Inches will be noticeable in Evie and I as we’re both able to see the difference and clothes are getting looser.  Here’s the workout schedule.

Monday – Fat Burner
Tuesday – Red Hot Core (first time)
Wednesday – Fat Burner
Thursday – Fat Burner
Friday – off
Saturday – Red Hot Core
Sunday – Fat Burner

I will say that after having a couple of days off of working out I really missed it.  It sounds weird coming from me, but it’s also good to know for my upcoming vacation that I need to continue to be mindful of what I eat and keep doing some exercise, preferably DDPYoga and walking, while I’m out of my normal element.  I know that I’ll imbibe in some drinking while I’m in Vegas, but I’ll have to also be mindful of the food that I eat since there is a lot of opportunity to overeat there.

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Weekend update and Week 6 Plan

by on Apr.21, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

The weekend went pretty well for us.  It was busy but we did well with our food and workouts.  We did swap Saturday’s workout for Sunday due to scheduling but we got Fat Burner done on Friday and Below the Belt done on Sunday morning.  Below the Belt is a tough one.  I was going to say that Fat Burner was getting easier, but the pushups today kicked my butt and I struggled with balance some this morning.

Saturday night we had some snacks at church (mini sandwiches) that were made for the volunteers that were helping out on Easter.  We stayed away from the sweets but couldn’t help but nibble a bit on the sandwiches.  We went home and made tofu for dinner and that had turned out pretty good too.  First time making it and we all ate it without complaint.  Evie made baked zucchini as well for a vegetable.  I thought it was great but the kids didn’t like the seasoning on it.

Sunday was Easter and surprisingly we didn’t go off the diet much.  We each had a peanut butter chocolate egg as a treat but that was really about it.  We had a smoked ham with a homemade pineapple glaze (no sugar, brown sugar, cola, etc,) had avocado deviled eggs, edamame dip, carrot sticks and mashed potatoes.  The potatoes did have milk and cream cheese in them, but otherwise were still good.  Of course, with mashed potatoes there is the mixing of carbs and proteins, but that is tough to avoid we’re finding.  For lunch after church we went to a local diner and I had a cobb salad with no dressing.  Funny that I had never been much of a salad person before but now I find myself ordering them at restaurants most of the time, skipping the dressing of course.  I find that the cobb salad has enough flavor that a dressing really isn’t needed, which is nice.

Like I said we did Fat Burner this morning.  I was not wanting to work out today as I had woken up in the middle of the night with pain in my right quad and hip, but decided to do it anyways in hopes that the workout would stretch it out.  It hurt a bit during the workout but hasn’t hurt since, so I think that worked.  I was on my feet all day yesterday cooking and my ankle was killing me so I think that had a lot to do with it.

My weight is another issue.  It had dropped to 234 over the weekend but was up to 237 this morning.  I didn’t feel like I overate yesterday as I only had one plate of food and it wasn’t piled high at dinner.  It might be water weight or something, I’m not sure but it’s discouraging when I’m trying to hit this goal before I see the doctor next week.  I also know that this weekend I’m going to have some food struggles since I’m going to a retreat on Friday and Saturday and am not in control of the food.  I’ll have to limit it and be active to burn it off.  I was hoping to ride my motorcycle this weekend but who knows what the weather has in store.

Today started Week 6 and now we have to modify our schedule due to both me being out this weekend and the increase in activity level in the intermediate schedule.  DDP says all the time to make it our own so we’re doing just that.

Monday – Fat Burner
Tuesday – Energy!
Wednesday – Fat Burner
Thursday – Red Hot Core (new one)
Friday – Below the Belt (if schedules allow)
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Energy!

It’s getting more challenging but we need this to kick our weight loss up a bit more.  We are noticing our pantry is becoming less full as we make some of the remaining items from our old life and move into healthier options.  We’re making more things from scratch and using real ingredients, which is a very cool thing.  Just have to keep on keeping on.

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Week 5 redo, Day 5

by on Apr.18, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Today is normally our rest day, being Friday, but we’ll be doing Fat Burner after lunch today.  I’ve said it before, but the workouts are getting easier for me and I’m able to make them a bit more challenging by making the stretches deeper, which does a little for the heart rate but does more for the flexibility.  Evie was kind of frustrated that I am able to hold poses deeper or straighter than she can, but it’s a process and I explained to her that I did gymnastics and martial arts when I was younger, so I have some flexibility already before we started and this is making that better.  She’s making strides, but she doesn’t believe in herself yet.  She’ll get there though.

Evie made a gluten free Fettuccine Alfredo dish last night with chicken that was really good.   I only had a small portion before heading off to pool for the night.  We had a party at Elizabeth’s school yesterday to celebrate those that volunteered with the school and they had a huge spread with a ton of sweet goodies.  Thankfully they also had fruit so Evie and I snacked on fruit and only treated ourselves to one brownie each.  It was interesting that the brownie tasted exceptionally sweet and I don’t know if I could’ve had more even if I had wanted to.

I’m still not losing weight and as a matter of fact have gone up a pound in the last couple of days.  This happens from time to time and usually happens before a big loss, so I’m hoping that keeping on with good eating and exercise will still lead to results.  I’m a little behind where I would like to be as far as my 60 day goal, but I’m still losing inches I think, as my clothes continue to fit better/differently, so I feel like progress is being made.  I also have to remember that it’s a long term thing and it will come if I keep with the plan.

It’s Good Friday today and we’ll have a big dinner on Easter Sunday with a ham (smoked and not honey,) mashed potatoes, deviled eggs and some veggies.  We’re also making a tofu dish tomorrow night, so that should be an interesting experience.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

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Week 5, Day 3, Below the Belt

by on Apr.16, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Today was the tough day in our modified schedule.  We did Below the Belt after lunch today.  I have to say that I prefer the early morning workouts to the afternoon ones (what’s happening to me? Did I just say that?)  Below the belt is a tough workout though.  I’m glad we didn’t try to progress to Red Hot Core yet.  Evie and I both struggled some with it, with Evie falling a couple of times with some of the tougher balancing poses.  I could really feel it towards the end and could barely keep up with it before the cool down.  My HRM said I burned 462 calories during it.

Made chicken enchiladas from the gluten free book that bought for dinner last night.  Corn tortillas and we used up the rest of the milk based shredded cheese and some ground chicken.  Good stuff.  Even better reheated this afternoon for lunch.

Tonight I’m going to try to make some buffalo burgers.  I like the buffalo meat and want to see how the kids like it.  Evie will be out with a friend tonight so I’m on my own for dinner.

Weight hasn’t changed for me, still at 235.5, but Evie dropped another pound.  People are noticing more and more that both of us are losing weight.  Inches matter.  The pants that I couldn’t fit into before not only can I fit into them but they are starting to get loose!  I’m not craving sweets or even chips anymore, but burgers and fries still call my name from time to time.  I don’t answer the call but I still crave them.  I know that is not the path that I want to go down though, as that is what got me here in the first place.  I found Sobe Lifewater to be a great way to get some flavor into a drink that doesn’t have sugar or artificial sweetener in it.  I’m starting to get the hang of cooking steel cut oats too.

I watched Food Inc, and Hungry for Change on Netflix on Sunday.  Really eye opening stuff when it comes to what is in our food and how it’s being controlled and manipulated by government and corporations.  Forks over Knives is also in my Netflix queue.  I hear that one will make you want to be a vegetarian by the end of it.  The GMO information really blew my mind though.  I knew they existed but didn’t realize just how far reaching they were into our food supply.

Evie is wanting to do a cleanse after Easter.  She’s wanting to do the three day Dr. Oz cleanse.  I’m not real excited about it, but we can try it and see how it goes.  It’s not incredibly long and it’s not supposed to make you crap your guts out, so we’ll see how it goes.

Tomorrow morning we’re doing Energy! again.

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Week 5 redo

by on Apr.14, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Week 5 last week wasn’t a total bust, but definitely off the pace for what we had been running so far.  I’m trying to console myself with the fact that we are doing workouts nearly everyday vs doing them every other day like the guide has.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling horrible.  Sinus headache/migraine and just overall not feeling well.  I stayed home from work and opted to skip the workout for the day.  I hated doing it, but stayed in bed most of the day until the migraine meds kicked in.  Stayed good on food although I don’t recall what I ate.

Friday we made up for missing Thursday’s workout by doing Fat Burner, but I was horrible on food.  For lunch I caved and had leftover macaroni and cheese and for dinner, during a date with my daughter, she decided after barely eating any fries that she didn’t want them and I chowed down on them.  I felt guilty and physically kind of cruddy after but took a walk to digest it and was a little better.  Just a bad day overall for resisting the bad food.  The good news was when we were at In and Out (her choice) I did order my burger protein style (no bun, wrapped in lettuce) and it was pretty good.  A little messy, but still good.

Saturday and Sunday weren’t any better on the exercise front.  For some reason neither Evie nor I slept well during the week and we were just exhausted by the time the weekend came.  We attended a couple of events and did OK on eating, not great but OK, and opted for naps instead of working out.

Looking at the schedule I think it’s better that we redo week 5 instead of moving to week 6.  We’re not ready for Red Hot Core, having only done Below the Belt once.  This week is also Easter week, so I’m going to modify the schedule some with a plan to not workout on Sunday this coming week.  We started today with Energy! and even though that workout is getting to be routine I could tell we had taken some time off.  Despite the time off though, I still lost weight.  I’m down to 235.5 today, which is on track with my goal to be at 230 by May 1st.

I think the schedule will look like this:

Monday – Energy!
Tuesday – Fat Burner
Wednesday – Below the Belt
Thursday – Energy!
Friday – Fat Burner
Saturday – Below the Belt
Sunday – Off (Easter)

Oddly enough I’m finding the weekday workouts to be easier than the weekend.  I know that I have a timeline to meet with getting Elizabeth off to school and myself to work so I have to do it.  I can’t lay in bed or waste time.  On the weekends we may have things to do but we opt to sleep in rather than get right up and work out.  I think we’re going to have to adjust our habits to doing it right when we get up rather than trying to fit it in later in the day when things ultimately come up.

Next week should be interesting as well since I’ll be going out of town for a men’s retreat on Friday and Saturday.  I’m not sure if I’ll do the workout on my own or if I’ll just keep busy with other things and take time off.  The downside to the retreat is that the menu is full of manly comfort foods.  I’m not sure how I’ll find something healthy-ish to eat that weekend.

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Week 5, Day 1 plus weekend update

by on Apr.07, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

The weekend was pretty busy as I suspected.  Friday I was going to smoke a chicken and completely forgot and then had to take the family out for dinner.  We had smoked chicken anyways, but it was from Babe’s Chicken House.  Very yummy stuff and quasi healthy right?  I did have a biscuit with butter and honey, but also had salad, green beans and corn.  Had a small serving of mashed potatoes as well.  Yummy stuff.

Saturday morning we had a picnic and while the weather didn’t hold out well we brought some leftovers and ate well.  We went to a birthday party after that and Evie and I each had a small slice of cake to celebrate.   We got home and did our Fat Burner workout.  For dinner I had avocado, onion and chicken salad.  Great stuff.  We watched Below the Belt to get an idea of what we were in for on Sunday.

Sunday we took the kids to see Disney on Ice at the American Airlines Center.  Healthy food options were not available there.  I snacked on a hot dog and shared some popcorn with Evie.  For dinner our friend Dayla made taco salad.  Good stuff but I found out later she used Catalina dressing in it, which I’m sure was loaded with calories and high fructose corn syrup.  We also did Below the Belt for the first time.  Burned nearly 500 calories and wore me out.  I was drenched with sweat by the end and shaking.  Went through a whole glass of water through it and then refilled it and drank some more.  Fast paced and challenging for sure.   Had to modify a bit at the end but we did it.

I’m down a pound today, which is nice.  Evie has continued the slow drop of weight as well.  People have noticed the change and I can even see and feel the change in myself.  Today we did Energy! as our workouts will start to intensify.  Here’s this week’s schedule:

Monday – Energy!
Tuesday – Energy!
Wednesday – Fat Burner
Thursday – Fat Burner
Friday – off
Saturday – Fat Burner
Sunday – Below the Belt

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Week 4, Day 4 and a confession

by on Apr.03, 2014, under Damon, DDPYoga, Evie

Slept really well last night but woke up a bit groggy and off balance.  Struggled a bit with the Energy! workout today from a balance perspective.  Made it through it though and feel good.  Evie and I switched mats to see if her mat would be anymore comfortable than mine for the exercises requiring I go to my knees.  It was better but I think I’ll have to invest in something better still.

Last night I had planned to have a buffalo steak, but wound up doing something totally different.  While I was at the store I decided to make shrimp since Evie isn’t a fan and wouldn’t be home.  Different plans were made though, as I forgot the shrimp at the office (I had bought it on my lunch break) and then when I got home I was informed that it was Spirit Night at Spring Creek Barbecue, benefiting the school.  The kids wanted to go so I figured I would get some meat and veggies and be good right?  Well, when I was in line I couldn’t resist and ordered up a Chopped Baker, which is a baked potato with brisket, sour cream, butter, cheese and bacon.  They also had fresh rolls too.  The potato wouldn’t have been so bad except for the copious amounts of fat dumped on it with the cheese, sour cream and butter, plus it broke the food combining rule of carbs and proteins.  Adding to the mix was the roll, which I’m positive wasn’t gluten free.  While I don’t have a gluten allergy, we have been trying to avoid foods with gluten in them.  I will say I regretted it immediately afterwards.  I felt stuffed and bloated and gassy afterwards.  Not sure which part of it did it, but I definitely felt the bleh after.  I won’t be doing that again.

This morning I had a doctor’s appointment at the office and had breakfast in the cafeteria.  I had an omelette with peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, ham and cheese.  Yummy and filling and pretty healthy.  I was planning to go to lunch with co-workers today but nobody is here so I’m not sure what I’ll do for lunch yet.  Dinner tonight is taco salad/nachos.   Not sure which one Evie is making.  I think the difference is taco salad has lettuce and beans in it.

Tomorrow is our rest day and then we have Fat Burner on Saturday and Below the Belt on Sunday.  We’ve got a pretty busy weekend planned so we’ll have to get our workouts in early, but I may not have time to blog the update.  I will try to get it in if I remember.  Have a good weekend!


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Week 4, Day 3 – Fat Burner!

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Did the Fat Burner workout this morning and it’s crazy to say, but the pushups are getting easier.  Wish I could say the same for the broken table, but I’ll take what I can.  I think I might need a different yoga mat as this one doesn’t lay very flat and doesn’t have much cushion to it.  Specifically for me when I’m on my right knee and left hand it just kills my knee.  The left knee/right hand isn’t an issue, but that right one is killer.  Burned about 400 calories though and was all sweaty when I was done.  Loving it!

Last night we had Sicilian Penne Pesto, which uses pistachios instead of pine nuts for a different flavor.  We first discovered this in Italy when visiting my family.  My dad and stepmom are from Sicily, so even though they live in the northern part of Italy (Liguria,) they bring a lot of Sicilian flavor to their food.  You can’t buy it in the store, but you can make it at home.  We used gluten free penne noodles that we bought from Costco made with corn and quinoa.  Surprisingly, they were very tasty.

Today I’m having more of the orange chicken for lunch.  I had steel cut oats with protein powder for breakfast too.  That actually tasted pretty good.  Just have to make sure you mix the protein powder well.  Tonight is my night with the kids so it will be mac and cheese for them and I will probably get another buffalo steak.  Not sure if I’ll pan cook it or not, but it was pretty good last time.

I’m down another half pound today.  60 day goal is 230 for me.  That is the day before my physical with my doctor.  I should be down about 25 pounds from when she saw me last if all goes well.  The pictures we took last night are really impressive.  For me the change is noticeable in my belly and face but also in my flexibility.  For Evie the change is noticeable in her butt, legs and arms as well as her waist.  Her flexibility isn’t quite where she would like it to be, but it is better than it was.  Evie’s doing the trampoline workout tonight so I suspect her weight loss and definition will continue to improve.

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